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Yoga with Tiffany Bray

Tiffany, a dedicated and experienced yogi, completed her 200 hours of training in 2014 in Denver with Buffy Barfoot and has been sharing her passion for yoga through predominantly donation-based classes ever since. With a background in teaching various styles such as Yin, Power Vinyasa, Dynamic & Align, and Flow, Tiffany's versatility shines through her teachings.

Having personally experienced the transformative power of yoga during periods of dramatic life changes and battling depression, Tiffany developed a deep appreciation for the therapeutic benefits of this ancient practice. Her yoga journey began in the suburbs of Chicago in 2006, where she first immersed herself in the practice and discovered its profound impact on both the body and mind.

Tiffany's unique teaching style is the result of her personal journey and her deep desire to create a safe and inclusive space for all bodies. With her warm and compassionate energy, she invites students to explore their own capabilities and embrace their individual path in yoga. Tiffany encourages a non-judgmental approach, guiding practitioners through postures while emphasizing alignment, breath, and mindfulness.

Join Tiffany on the mat as she brings her own unique flare to each class, creating an atmosphere of empowerment and growth. Whether you are new to yoga or have an established practice, Tiffany's classes will support and challenge you, as you explore the transformative powers of this ancient practice.

Sundays @10AM


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