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Why Choose Kung Fu?

When considering what martial art to study, students have an abundance of options: karate, mixed martial arts, taekwondo, boxing, and many, many others. So, what makes kung fu different -- and special?

  • It's passed down by hand: Ving Tsun is centuries old and still transmitted generation to generation from Sifu to student, with every practitioner along the way adding improvements and refinements. (Sifu Ip Man, left, and his student, Bruce Lee, performing Chi Sao, or "sticky hands." 
  • It was designed on purpose to be effective for all sizes and all ages: Ving Tsun shows how to turn structure -- not just applied force -- into explosive power that can get both old and young, large and small out of trouble and home safely when de-escalation doesn't work.
  • It encourages growth, not competition: We are here to help you find your kung fu, not to have you chase belts or learn a certain set of material in a certain amount of time. With 7 classes a week and no limit on attendance, come and go as you please. 


We think that Ving Tsun King Fu gives you all of the good of martial arts at its best -- camaraderie, discipline, internal and external strength -- without any of the "bad" that makes people shy away from martial arts. Denver Kung Fu is a welcoming, warm place where you can learn self defense and improve your health with no pressure. No belt chasing. No hierarchy. No pecking order. We'd love to see you!

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